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Nature Quilt

Personal Project

Photos: Cassandra Swenson

Nature themed quilt for a dear friend's baby.
A total delight from start to finish. 

It’s improv pieced in a linen/rayon blend. My art-nerd self needs you to know that the colorblocking is inspired by Amish quilting traditions and Rothko’s color field paintings.

The hand quilting is a combo of Amish quilting motifs (the edging braid and connected petals) and improv nature motifs (sun, stars, branches, birds).

Binding is a the linen/rayon, plus the most perfect bit of bird-print Liberty cotton that makes the whole thing sing! Machine bound for baby-friendly durability.

I loved spending time with this special thing. It’s not totally finished: the real final touches will come from being worn in, spit up on, and dragged across the grass. 

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