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FaMous For Meats

I was the design intern in Fresh Produce's Summer 2018 Famous for Meats intern team.

The group of 3 interns takes on real-world clients and delivers some pretty exciting work!

Brewing Independence Apron.png

Brewing Independence

What’s better than a morning cup of coffee? A cup of joe delivered up with a side of skill-building and independence! Brewing Independence is a program that gives special education students a double dose of both (but maybe not the coffee), as they take coffee orders from their teachers and deliver it through the halls. The students got logo-emblazoned tee shirts and a snazzy coffee cart, branded by the FFM team. In an extra sweet move, the coffee cup used in the logo was drawn by one of the students. Independence, indeed!

Last Stop CD SHOP

What do you create for a store that has everything? A big personality, dedicated staff, loyal customers, hilarious social media presence...not to mention books, CDs, vinyl, movies, and video games. Our answer was a whole lot of fun, creating psychedelic social media graphics that dove into the zany world of Last Stop, plus a zine that celebrates nostalgia, personal taste and....lamps?

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