Downtown Sioux Falls

DTSF hosts great events, supports small business, and works to make downtown a can't-miss destination.

Because of their wide spread of events and programming, each project has room for distinct personality.

Annual Report

Growing downtown into a thriving central location in the city is no small feat. A fresh, easy to flip-through format distributed at the Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. Annual Meeting celebrates where they’ve been, while keeping a focus on the present. Each page lays out varying information: financial statistics, board members, and a timeline celebrating 30 years of big wins facilitated by the DTSF organization.

Parade of Lights

If there’s one event that gets South Dakotans out of the house on a cold winter night, it’s the annual Parade of Lights, a tradition that goes all the way back to 1992. The event refresh reflects the tradition without becoming stuffy--the Parade of Lights is as spectacular and exciting as it’s ever been!


Burger battle

With a name like Burger Battle, you’ve got to go big (or go home and eat a burger). Restaurants pull out all the stops in the month of January to put the best burger on the table, and it only makes sense to do the same with the design. Imagine fight night and a classic diner smooshed together, and you’ve got the Burger Battle graphic identity.

Branding elements include social media headers, printed pier banners, and shareable GIFs.

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