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You found the weird experiment part!

Maybe you, like me, are one of those people who gets an internet crush and then scours someone’s digital footprint to figure out if they’re available or not. 

Here you are. Maybe you just like my work or maybe you kinda wonder if you could date me.
Or maybe you know someone else who’s cool and would pick up what I’m putting down. 


I fling myself ‘out there’ on the internet all the time. This seems more fun than dating apps, so why not? I’m looking for a guy who sees a chance like this and jumps on it.


I’ve got skin in the game, so do you. This isn’t a business consult where we have all-known objectives. There’s danger in the dance. I want it enough to risk it.
You better be right there with me.
Maybe you would never make your own webpage to tell people you’re single.
But maybe you would like to send a message in reply to one. 


I don’t want to talk to you about dating if you:

Want me to be your only friend

Aren’t occupied with stuff you like

Don’t live an interesting life

Base your personality on one vacation per year

Expect me to be a domestic goddess

Want someone to follow you around


I do want to talk to you about dating if you:

Are theology-minded

Nerd out about place and care 

Know how to cook (or are kinda trying)

Want to meet minds and solve problems together


It’s all logistics until it’s love. 


Email me, maybe.

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